A tradition that never grows old

Ibra is the product of the thirty-year experience of Arbi, a leading company in the made in Italy sector. It is designed to complete your bathroom furnishings and create a comfortable and elegant space. The high quality of the materials selected, the experience of our designers, and our continuous search for innovation allow us to deliver on any room’s space and style requirements, turning the bathroom into a haven in which to relax after a long day’s work, but also an uncluttered, functional place for when you’re in a hurry.

The unique ‘made in Italy’ style

A huge range of exclusive materials selected with care and the signature of expert designers in the sector for original, customised bathroom furnishings. Ibra solutions respect the ‘made in Italy’ tradition and accent it with on-trend elements to create a space in which comfort and elegance are united. Technology and the use of natural materials ensure a reduction in wasted energy.

A new challenge

The experience gained in the field of furniture has brought the research and development office to try its hand over the years at different materials, including aluminum, glass, stainless steel and others, which helped develop a strong know-how in the early stages of the project. The staff of Ibra Showers is entirely made up of technicians and commercial figures with many years spent in this field. Products such as the shower tray and the shower enclosures actually require a high degree of experience. Ibra Showers presents itself as the piece that completes the range of the Arbi offer, which today ranges from the furniture, to the sink, to the bathtub, to the shower enclosure which can be completed by shower tray and a radiator, in a turnkey and coordinated solution.

Be inspired

Warm tones paired with simple lines and top quality details create an oasis of wellness for daily life. Ibra bathroom furnishing solutions are inspired by refined design that is at the cutting edge and will fulfil the requirements of both a modern and a classic style. Inviting shapes and delicate colours inspired by nature create a harmonious composition and a space that is a perfect union between comfort and luxury.

Innovation and research for designer bathrooms

At Ibra Showers research, technology and innovation have been transformed into collections with that made-in-Italy quality.