Shower enclosures and shower trays tailor-made

Some situations or special needs may require tailor-made solutions.
There are many cases. They can range from out of standard dimensions, walls, pillars and other elements that do not allow the installation of a stan-dard product.
In these and other cases it is possible to provide specific solutions: Ibra’s technicians are available to study each particular case and propose tailor-made options. To communicate the situation and the dimensions, it is possible to send a request using the specific forms prepared by Ibra Showers.

Discover Ibra Showers custom solutions
Shower enclosures
Shower trays
Shower enclosures: special measures

The bathroom rarely has standard sizes, which is why we also make our products with special sizes. At the time of ordering, an Ibra Showers technician develops, according to the measurements provided, a customized project in height and width, with particular attention to bevels and shapes. The special development can take into account only one dimension or both for the same part. We can also shape the glass by creating a special cut, shaping or bevel.

Height lower than standard

Higher than standard height

Width smaller than standard

Width greater than standard

Height and width
less than standard

Height and width greater
than standard

Lower height and greater width
than standard

Higher height and lower width
than standard

Shaping for attic

Shaping on the wall

Shaping on drawing

Shower trays: custom cuts

The shower tray is a fundamental element for the bathroom and must follow the characteristics of the walls. Ibra Showers shower trays are also made to measure with rough or finished cuts.

Length and/or depth reduction (per mm).

Dept change 1 side (wall sides only)

Dept change 2 sides.

Oblique (wall sides only).

Out of square (wall sides only).

Shaping (wall sides only).