Materials for shower enclosures

Ibra shower enclosures are made with aluminium profiles and 6 and 8 mm glass available in numerous finishes and special silk-screen prints. Brill, Black, Bronze, Gold, Copper, Rhodium and Stainless are the metal finishes available. The possibility of customizing the profiles in the 51 lacquered finishes of the Arbi range also allows you to create bathroom environments with a coordinated and original look.



Technical information
Magnetic closing system inserted in the aluminium seal
Drip gaskets in transparent PVC anti-mould
Aluminium stabilizing bar to be cut during installation
Transparent upper covers for the adjustment profile
Out of standard on request

Our shower enclosures comply with the UNI EN 14428 standard.
Each component of our shower enclosures is tested to offer the best performance far beyond the requirements set by the applicable legislation.
Ibra pursues excellence in each of its products. Aluminum, glass, plastic, stainless steel, brass have been chosen and used on the basis of precise choices, according to criteria of durability, practicality and aesthetics.
All components are subject to severe internal tests for cleanability, stability, water tightness, impact, breakage, wear, opening and closing cycles, corrosion, resistance to chemical agents and stains, resistance to wet / dry cycles, guaranteeing very high quality standards. Ibra shower trays meet the requirements of the 14527 standard for cleanability, water drainage, slipperiness, resistance to substances and staining agents as well as to changes in temperature.

The materials for Ibra Showers shower enclosures
Aluminum and Lacquered
Aluminum and Lacquered

Exclusive finishes and different nuances characterize the profiles of the Ibra Showers shower enclosure. The numerous colours available, such as Brill, Black, Bronze, Gold, Copper, Rhodium and Stainless steel and lacquered allow the shower enclosures to fit harmoniously into any bathroom environment.

Inox spazzolato
Oro spazzolato
Icon hinged door
Firma hinged door corner
Lode pivot door corner
Best hinged door corner
Vento walk-in corner
Best bi-fold door corner

Ibra shower enclosures are characterized by glass with a thickness of 6 and 8 mm, extremely resistant, available in numerous finishes. From Transparent to Europa Grey to Bronze, up to particular solutions such as Satin, Cloud, Timeless, Extraclear and different silk-screen prints.

Serigraphy Garza
Serigraphy Scaglie
Serigraphy Stripes
Serigraphy Fascia
Grigio Europa
Icon walk-in corner
Firma walk-in corner
Lode pivot door corner
Best hinged door corner
Best bi-fold door corner
Vento walk-in corner